Beige leather military boots with waterproof membrane

Tag: Šifra: 7346-06363
Isporuka: 3-5 dana
Rata od: 408.00 kn/mj - Obročno plaćanje do tri rate (karticama Erste banke: Diners, Maestro, Visa i Master)



The superior quality of cowhide and innovative processing ensure an extended duration of waterproofness and vapor permeability. The complete system of the bottom is made of Kevlar, which ensures complete impenetrability. The built-in SUN REFLECT system reflects the temperature from the surface of the boot, thus achieving thermoregulation. When put on, the boot retains the temperature of the leg. The lining is made of three-layer textile materials with built-in membranes. Membranes ensure comfort when wearing. In combination with external materials, water resistance and breathability are ensured. The lining has a large number of wear cycles, which increases the durability of the boot. The gel filling in the area of ​​the toes and heel provides ANTI SHOCK effect. Through the ripni effect, the “SELF-CLEANING” function is achieved.